White Chocolate Truffle Cake.

05 May

This truffle cake is a bit like a Cheesecake. It’s very decadent and very more-ish. If you like White chocolate, you’ll love this.

The Ingredients for the Cake base –

* 50g/2oz good quailty white chocolate (I used Tesco Finest Swiss Vanilla and White Chocolate)
* 50g/ 2oz caster sugar
* 2 eggs
* 50g/2oz plain flour

To make the Truffle topping you will need –

* 350g/ 14oz white chocolate pieces
* 300g/ 12 oz fromage frais (I used Petits Filous Natural Fromage Frais)

To make it look pretty –

* Cocoa powder (to dust)
* Milk or white chocolate curls
* Mini eggs
* anything you like… 🙂

How to make the cake base –

Grease a 20cm/8 inch round springform tin and line the base.

Whisk the eggs and caster sugar in a mixing bowl for 10 mins or until the mixture is light and fluffy.

Seive the flour and fold in with a metal spoon.

Fold in the melted white chocolate.

Pour into the tin and bake in a preheated oven, 180°C/ 350°F, gas mark 4, for 25 mins or until springy to the touch.

Leave to cool slightly then transfer to a wire rack until completely cold then return to the tin.

To make the topping

Melt the White chocolate and mix with the fromage frais.

Pour the mixture on top of the cake and chill for 2 hours.

Remove the cake from the tin and transfer to a plate.

Once the the topping has cooled and you have transfered it to a plate you can decorate how you wish.

(For a more decadent cake use 300ml/ ½ pint double cream and 50g less of the fromage frais. Place the cream in a pan and bring to the boil, stirring continuously. Cool slightly then add the white chocolate pieces and stir until melted. Remove from the heat and leave until almost cool, stirring, then stir in the fromage frais. Pour the mixture on top of the cake and chill for 2 hours.)

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  1. itsjennythewren

    May 7, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    yummm will have to try this! 🙂 x


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